Backoffice identifying color

I’m looking for a way to change the “.topbar” css color of backoffice to clarify which enviroment you are using. I’ve seen the previous forum post on the matter but I am not really satisfied with the suggested answer of using a browser extension. How can the color best be changed?

We have previously added a ModulePanel to the backoffice product section, and we are curious if a similar feature could be used to add a html string containing a css override to the backoffice frame.

Litium version: 7.1

This is not supported for the moment, but there should be ways to override the css but nothing that we recommend or guidance since it would be some kind of “hacking” the process.

And what are these “hacky” solutions?
Are they worse than making a build-script that manually edits the app.min.css inside the Litium.Studio.UI.Resource.dll?

As I described we don’t recommend or support any type of BO color changing, it would be your own choice and responsibility to manipulate the css.

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