Broken images after upgrade from L6 to L7

I’ve upgraded a site to 7.2.3 from version 6.0.0, now the images are broken.
I have tried to rebuild serch indices and check filesdirectory so it’s the correct path.
Does anyone have a clue?

Litium version: 7.2.3

Take a look at this below “Breaking change”:

Got help from Litium Support with this one.
The problem was that I’ve added the media files after the upgrade, so there was a job that needed to run again.
To trigger this job you needed to remove the row with the key “mediamigration-correctblobnames” from table Common.Settings in the database and restart the site.
Then after a while the images worked for me.


This is extremely important to remember at golive if you want to be able to rollback since you need to backup the storagefolder that you normally never need to touch during a deploy.

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