Campaign | Creating custom action

Can I create a custom dummy action that just points out a list, category etc?
It wont reduce the price or anything but if a product exists in another campaign that is lower in the priority order it should get that price. It should just be a kind of “information campaign”. We want to use it for campaign banners and use the existing time publishing etc.

My issue now before I do anything I need to know that the price gets right. Cause now when you have two campaigns for 1 product. The campaign with the higher priority is the one that sets the price. I just want to make sure if I do this dummy campaign, that the product still gets the price from a campaign that is lower in the priority order (even though my campaign dosent set a price).

Litium version: 6.2.2

Can you set a campaign that reduce price by 0% and allow it to be combined with all other campaigns?

  • If it can be combined it should allow the next campaign in line to calculate price (as long as that campaign can be combined also)
  • If 0% works (haven’t tested) you won’t need to create a custom action
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The problem with doing that is that if this is over another campaign with a “real” price reduction it dosent get a price reduction… This campaign overrides.

Are both campaigns marked so that they can be combined with each other?

Yes, combine with all others. But let me check once more

Seems to be a problem with old campaigns that were created before Litium did a fix for “Combine with all other campaigns”. Så it seems to work with 0%