Cant list products

When I’m trying to list products in admin I get this error:
Server request failed. Please try again. Litium.FieldFramework.FieldFrameworkException: Field with name ‘_option’ culture ‘*’ throws exception when fetching data.

I have reverted to an older branch but still the same error, how can I fix this?

Litium version: 6.2

You seem to have some kind of culture issue with this TextOption field, is it possible for you to delete and recreate it or look at its data in DB to check for corrupted data?

I think the json data for the field-options is pointing to a class that not exists in your installation, then it is not possible to deserialize the information correctly. The the database table [Area].[FieldDefinitionFieldData] for the FieldDefinitionId = '_option', Replace the [Area] with example Products or / Media depend on where the field is registered.

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