Cart and OrderCarrier life cycle?

Where can I read about the life cycle of a cart and when, for example, the OrderCarrier is set in the cart, or when/what request/how the cart is created etc?

The Litium Documentation API is one place, for example:
and Litium Docs

Thanks, but the specification for the OrderCarrier doesn’t tell me anything about the life cycle of it.

I was asking about the life cycle of the OrderCarrier - details about which class is actually instantiating OrderCarriers and where it “lives” (session, DI-cache, request?), and so on.

Other E-commerce frameworks I’ve been coding in, like Elasticpath, doesn’t create an order object until the checkout. In Litium it seems to have already been created with the first request for every session. But it would be nice with an article/breakdown of the life cycle etc.

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