Check if order state change is triggered from backoffice (isUserInitiable)


Is it possible to know if a request to change the state of an order was triggered from backoffice by a user? I’ve set isUserInitiable to true(Code below). But I want to catch that event so i can override the transition conditions in that case.

        private void TransitionFromReadyForERP(OrderStateMachine stateMachine, State<OrderCarrier> readyForErp, State<OrderCarrier> completed)
        stateMachine.AddStateTransition(readyForErp, completed, 
            (orderCarrier, readyForErp, completed, token) =>
                if (orderCarrier.Type == OrderType.SalesReturnOrder)
                    return false;
                return IsSentToErp(orderCarrier);

            }, true);

Litium version: 7.3.2

When or if this is made by someone from BO then


is populated otherwise it will be null.

The routeRequestLookupInfoAccessor.RouteRequestLookupInfo is null for me when triggering state change from BO.


For some reason I was only looking to do this with Litium services but forgot about
HttpContext.Current.Request which will be null when used by tasks for example. One can also make sure that /Litium/ exist in the requested url.

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