Create a custom Group + Panel in backoffice

Hi I am building an plugin and I am able to add a new MenuGroup to Backoffice and add a menylink, but I cant get the html/js to load.

Below is how I create a group and page, but my question is what path should I have to the ControlPanelPage?

if (!ControlPanelPagesConfig.Instance.Groups.TryGetValue(GROUP_KEY, out pages))
ControlPanelPagesConfig.Instance.Groups.Add(GROUP_KEY, pages = new List());

pages.Add(new ControlPanelPage(“WHAT PATH SHOULD BE HERE”, PAGE_KEY, ControlPanelPagePermission.All)


I have a route-config.js file a controller.js file and an html file. (angularjs)

Litium version: 7.0

In the default Accelerator there’s a group added for managing Accelerator specific features, like Product grouping and Product filtering. It has a class SettingsPageSetup that wires it all up.

I am using: : IStartupTask, IAppExtension so add this page. I know it has been done earlier, Im just curious on what path should be on that ControlPanelPage.

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