Create organization problem?

Did remove an organization from Litium, then tried to create one with the code.

Organization organization = new Organization(template.SystemId, userData.CustomerName)
    Id = userData.CustomerNumber
using (IoC.Resolve<SecurityContextService>().ActAsSystem())

And before we create a new, we look and check if it already exist
var organization = _organizationService.Get(userData.CustomerNumber);
and the function retun NULL so it dose not exist but still complane that is dose?!

Message=Validation error for Organization(SystemId: aee7dfde-6b60-4d8a-89a7-bfbe5cd7127a, Id: 21108), Id: ‘Värdet är inte unikt.’.

But if we look at the database the table is empty
Litium version: 7.0.2

Restart IIS and try.

Yes that help, but that is just a temporary? Need to do this witout a IIS restart.

In that case you will need to clear the cache then, maybe this is fixed in 7.1? if you are about to upgrade.

What I can see this should work, is the value you set as a customer number only number? or did it by mistake have an space before/after so a .Trim() of the value can help?