Empty sitemap and robots


We have a problem with empty sitemap. In web.config we have
<sitemap enable="true" includeProducts="false" enableCache="true" />

We use url prefix and I think that might be related, the local url for the site is http://site.localhost/se
Not sure if robots and sitemap should be below /se or not, but this is what I tried:

http://site.localhost/robots.txt - 200 response but empty
http://site.localhost/sitemap.axd - 200 response but empty
http://site.localhost/se/robots.txt - 404 response
http://site.localhost/se/sitemap.axd - 404 response

If I add a new domain for the site, but without url prefix, http://sitetest.localhost/
Then I can access robots and sitemap at

http://sitetest.localhost/robots.txt - 200 response containing “Sitemap: http://sitetest.localhost/sitemap.axd
http://sitetest.localhost/sitemap.axd - 200 response, content looks ok!

Any idea what to do to get sitemap for the domain site.localhost/se?

Litium version: 7.1.0

The robots.txt should always be in the root folder so the url for that should always be /robots.txt and that will match the domain name with the one that is created in the globalization.

The sitemap-record that will be included in robots.txt file will point to /sitemap.axd and when browsing the /sitemap.axd file it should include all pages for the websites for all the channels that is connected to the same domain name.

/se/robots.txt and /se/sitemap.axd should return in 404 responses.

Ok, any idea why http://site.localhost/robots.txt and http://site.localhost/sitemap.axd is empty?

Domain name need to match the domain name that is created in the globalization area. If they not match no channels will be found and then no items. Also ensure that the pages in the website is accessible by the Everyone user.

I’m not sure what you mean with “Domain name need to match the domain name that is created in the globalization area”, but I will try to explain, we have the problem on the production site:

In Globalization - Domain names - we have the domain www.customer.com
In Globalization - Channels - we have a channel “Svensk webb” with domain “www.customer.com” and URL prefix “se”
(meaning the swedish site is accessed at https://www.customer.com/se)
Robots is empty in https://www.customer.com/robots.txt
Sitemap is empty in https://www.customer.com/sitemap.axd

Group Visitors (with member Everyone) has Read access to all pages

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