Error: Dynamic Component not found: InriverTextReadOnly

We just upgraded from 7.6.3 to 7.7.2 and discovered a problem within the PIM related to the inRiver integration. We get the following javascript error and it is causing issues when editing products:

Error: Dynamic Component not found: InriverTextReadOnly

Any ideas how we might fix this?

Litium version: 7.7.2


According to the AngularJS field types are obsoleted after the 7.1 version and replaced with Angular components. You have to upgrade the field type TextReadOnly to angular component.

You have the Litium.Accelerator.FieldTypes project when you download the 7.7.2 accelerator. You can check that one and use the documentation in order to upgrade your TextReadOnly field type.

Yes, this will indeed solve the problem.

It does strike me as odd that we have not had this problem in 7.6.3 … while obsolete, it seemed to work before installing 7.7.2 (the AngularJs components that is)

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