Error in dashboard after upgrade

We upgraded from 7.3.1-patch-1911150957 to 7.4.2 and had to rebuild all widgets to use Angular.

When I log in with an existing account I get a 500-error on Dashboard for /Litium/app/api/dashboard/widget: {"message":"An error has occurred."}
But when I create a new user it works fine. Any idea of how to solve this error?

(I suspect this is because the new user doesn’t have any widgets, but the old user has used the old widgets before, and then something fails?)

Litium version: 7.4.2

The users setting were moved to the table Common.Setting with the key widgetsconfiguration. Maybe the data is referencing a now missing type?

Ok. We solved it by deleting user and creating user again. Now it works. We will ask customer to delete their dashboard widgets on every user before we do upgrade in production.

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