Error in PriceCalculatorImpl vat logic?

Hi, we’re using the standard IPriceCalculator PriceCalculatorImpl
when we handle our pricer incl VAT in backoffice we notice some weird behavior in our cart prices, now after som digging around I decompiled PriceCalculatorImpl and dug around finding this snippet:

      if (valueTuple.Item2)
        calculatorResult.ListPriceWithVat = z.Item1.Price;
        calculatorResult.ListPrice = z.Item1.Price * (Decimal.One - vatRate);
        calculatorResult.ListPrice = z.Item1.Price;
        calculatorResult.ListPriceWithVat = z.Item1.Price * (Decimal.One + vatRate);

The calculation for price without VAT doesn’t look right to me,
Shouldn’t it be something like:

calculatorResult.ListPrice = z.Item1.Price * (decimal.One / (decimal.One + vatRate)) ?

thats’ at least how I fixed it in our custom Calculator I’ve had to implement for now to get correct prices.

Litium version: 7.0.0

Sounds that it is a miscalculation, please report as a bug on