Error when trying to edit page in BO

After upgrading from 4.8.10 to 6.2.2 (prerelease) I get the following error when trying to edit a certain page in backoffice:

Not valid authority. Parameter name: Authority

at Litium.Web.Media.Storage.Url.MediaStorageUrlServiceImpl.GetPath(Guid systemId, Uri blobUri, FormatPath formatPath)
at Litium.Web.Media.Storage.Url.MediaStorageUrlServiceImpl.CreateUrl(Guid systemId, Uri blobUri, FormatPath formatPath, String fileName)
at Litium.Web.Media.Storage.Url.MediaLocationServiceImpl.GetLocation[T](MediaLocationServiceArgs args)
at Litium.Web.Media.MediaLocationService.GetLocation[T](Guid systemId, Uri blobUri, String fileName, ImageFormat resizeToFormat, Size resizeTo, Boolean keepAspectRatio, Boolean forceDownload)
at Litium.Web.Media.Storage.Url.StorageLocationServiceWrapperImpl.GetLocation(String moduleIdentifier, Guid ownerId, String storagePath, String originalFileName, ImageFormat resizeToFormat, Size resizeTo, Boolean keepAspectRatio, Boolean forceDownload)
at Litium.Foundation.Modules.CMS.Content.ImageProperty.GetUrlToImage(Int32 index, Int32 maxHeight, Int32 maxWidth, Int32 minHeight, Int32 minWidth, Size& size)
at Litium.Foundation.Modules.CMS.Content.ImageBaseProperty.GetUrlToImage(Int32 index, Int32 maxHeight, Int32 maxWidth, Int32 minHeight, Int32 minWidth)
at Web.LitiumStudio.CMS.WebUserControls.EditContentsControl.InitPanelData(WorkingCopyCarrier value) in C:\SysData\vsts-agent1_work\3\s\Src\Web\Litium\CMS\WebUserControls\EditContentsControl.ascx.cs:line 171
at Litium.Studio.UI.Common.WebControls.TabContainer.InitPanelData[TDataType](TDataType value)
at LitiumStudio_CMS_PageEdit.OnInit(EventArgs e) in C:\SysData\vsts-agent1_work\3\s\Src\Web\Litium\CMS\PageEdit.aspx.cs:line 74
at System.Web.UI.Control.InitRecursive(Control namingContainer)
at System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint)

The page contains a WYSIWYG editor with a few images in it, my guess is that something’s up with the image paths. Have you seen this problem before and, if so, what is the preferred way of solving it?

Litium version: 6.2.2-patch-1809301256

I think you need to create a group and authorizing that group to be able to edit the page and add the user to that group since the premissions are changed in version 6.

My permissions/group setup looks okay. I can edit other page instances with the same page type, including adding images to them.

When inspecting the non-working page in a browser, the img tag looks like this:
<img src="/MediaBinaryLoader.axd?MediaArchive_FileID=a4da0d7a-9176-4a9a-b5af-0348a894c7c5&amp;FileName=RL+hemma+hos+007.jpg&amp;MediaArchive_ImageHeight=150&amp;MediaArchive_ImageWidth=100" align="left" style="margin-right:20px" width="100" height="150" alt="">

while the img tag for a working page looks like this:
<img alt="alska-din-arbetsplats-miljo-katalog.jpg" height="223" src="/storage/ma/84ac564db89e458294f6285827f87ab2/402b7f448cb84d859b89180674cdae1d/jpg/113D0EACED8D4BA7EB3FA89F9FE0539AE24E7532/alska-din-arbetsplats-miljo-katalog.jpg" width="440">

Could my problem be related to this?

@patric.forsgard might know if we support that src path.

The MediaBinaryLoader.axd path is the old that all media files was loaded before we created the storage handler (I guess in version 4.6.2 or something like that). The MediaBinaryLoader.axd was removed in version 6.

Did you get this error before you was applying the 6.2.2 prerelease? Can you remove the existing working copy and try to edit the page again?

Unfortunately I didn’t test this before applying the 6.2.2. prerelease (went straight from 4.8.10 to 6.2.2). So I’m not sure if the prerelease is a part of the problem.

Removing the working copy didn’t help, still getting the same error.

Please, can you open a support ticket (mail to with info about this error and if possible if we can get a link to the db and wwwroot to be able to debug.

Will do! Need to check with the customer about the sharing of wwwroot + db first though.

The problem seems to be caused by a faulty Image property value. When I removed the property val from CMS_PagePropertyValue the page started working again. This is what the field looked like: