Extend Google Analytics with user ID

Is it possible to extend the Google analytics script?
I would like to set this: ga(‘set’, 'userId", {{21}});
Right after the analytics script is initialized.

I have tried this, but no luck there.
_trackingScriptService.GetHeaderScripts(currentPage, new List string{ “ga(‘set’, 'userId”, {{21}});"});

Litium version:6

I am not too familiar with this service but you are calling a Get method here.

Yes, I am Getting the header scripts, and I can send in an object to that one to extend the scripts. But i can’t figure out how to use that in parameter

Do you have any idea, or documentation about this?

I will check with others to see if u can get an answer :slight_smile:

I got no good answers from anyone but check the GA documentation and see if you find something: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/events

I don’t want to send an event, i want to set a user id on the analytics events.

So noone knows how to use a feature implemented by Litium?

I think you should test to use an object instead of string when you create the List so something like new List<object> { "'set', 'userId', '21'" } should print out the value when the script is rendered.

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