Filter on datetime with Data service

Is it possible to use a datetime field as filter with data service?

The case is: I want to get all products with a custom datetime field where the date is Greater than 1 week ago.

Data service ref:
Litium version: 5.5

If thats not possible, could you provide some documentation on the “should” filter please?

This is tested on a 6.2 installation but should be the same in 5.5:

// Operators for DateTime: null, any, eq, gt, gte, lt, lte, neq 
using (var query = _dataService.CreateQuery<BaseProduct>(opt => opt.IncludeVariants()))
   var q = query.Filter(filter => filter
      .Bool(boolFilter => boolFilter.Must(boolFilterMust => boolFilterMust
         .Field("TestDateTime", "gt", DateTime.Now.AddDays(-7))
         .Field("TestDateTime", "neq", "null"))
   return q.ToList();