Get orders. From DB or Index?

When i decompile this code: _moduleECommerce.Orders.GetOrders(orderIds, _moduleECommerce.AdminToken)

It looks like the orders are picked up from the database with “m_moduleECommerce.DAL.OrderData.Get”

But it happends from time to time that an integration is missing to send an order until i rebuild the sales search index.

Can you please explain where _moduleECommerce.Orders.GetOrders is getting the orders from?

Litium version: 7.6.2

The DAL queries the database directly. Where is the list of order ids coming from?

Of course… thats the issue. In this case it was a search before, so I should have known.
Other times the it have been a bit more complex, like when checking double orders, but I guess it has always been some kind of search before the actual _moduleECommerce.Orders.GetOrders.


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