Google font in Accelerator

I would like to use Open Sans from Google font in our Lititum accelerator.
How do I do that “step-by-step”?
#n00b #beginner

Remember to provide your Litium version number in order to get some relevant help/guidence. :slight_smile:

If you go to and press the “SELECT THIS FONT” button.

Click on the black title row in the “1 Family Selected”

The dialog will open itself and provide you with the html snippet you need to add into the template.
The red should be in the head-section of the html and the green as usage in your style sheet.

I see, but where ( folder and file ) can i find the head of the HTML?

As @steve.redstorm mention it is hard to figure out what you have based your setup on, so the Litium and Accelerator version is needed. Also if you are using Mvc or Web Forms.

Ahh okey.
I work with Litium 7 and accelerator version 7,0,1

If you not have checked out our guide for the frontend part I think you should do that, you will find the guide here.

The style-sheet-tag that should be added in the head of the site is generated from this file Src\Litium.Accelerator.Mvc\Views\Shared\Framework\Head.cshtml.