How to make a menu listing all my brands

Hi Volks

I want to build a mega menu item that list all distinkt brands I have, and by clicking on one brand, I will list all product matching that Brand. -How do I do this?

First, I assume I need to assign a proper value of the Brand attribute for my products. I assume I can use some “out of the box functionality” since there is already indication that this should work. There is a section Block called “Brands”. There is a default template called “Brand list”…

I do understand how I make a section Block of type Brand and manually add a smarList that matching searchCriteria “brand equals XXX”. But I want the system dynamically to produce the list of my distink set of brands, and present them as “links” and by clicking them a result set of all product mathing the selected Brand.


Litium version: 7

When is the use case for doing this?

If you check the accelerator-file BrandListViewModelBuilder and the method GetNavigationModel you can find out how to fetch all the brands from search index. In the above file the variable tagTerm will contain all the tags with the count of how many instances.

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