L7 Accelerator Brand Product searching not finding products

I’m new to Litium so I might be missing something obvious, but I’m having trouble with the Accelerator BrandViewModel product search.
The product brands have the same Id/names as the brand page, and they have been published, yet the ProductSearchService does not seem to be able to find any products.
Does any of you have any ideas?

Litium version: 7

Please make sure products are activated for the current channel, they must have prices as well

I just tried it. It still gives me a searchresponse hit of 0.

Had a similar problem as you, but I got all the products instead of just the product under the brand.
Make sure that you have the right template. I used a page template BrandPageTemplate and with that I got all the products with no filter on brand. When I changed to the template Brand it worked as expected.

That does not seem to be it either. I don’t have the “Brand” only the “Brand Page Template” and “Brand List Template”

Well it turned out to be that the Category that the products were linked to was published to the Market and channel. But I thank you all for the help!