Imported images resizes itself

Customer is having a problem when uploading images to the media library, they are using a new camera and for some reason a 1984x1984 picture turns into a cropped 5616 x 3744 px when uploaded.
It doesn’t happen with the images from the old camera and the only thing i can see that is different between the old and new ones are that the old ones are at 72 dpi and new ones at 300 dpi.

Anyone know why this is happening? Customer is not able to choose another dpi-setting so I can’t try a lower setting.

Litium version: 6.1

If you check the image properties and the Details tab, does the values for width and height look correct?
Is it possible to get a sample image to troubleshoot?

Hi and thanks for the reply!

Ye the values look all good for what I can see.

Here’s an example image and what I can see in the properties section.

The sample works just fine when I’m uploading it, but I think the EXIF data is stripped when you upload it to the forum.

Would it be possible to upload the image and share a link instead? For example, supports uploads with a link that’s valid for one week.

Otherwise you could attach it in an email to to create a ticket.

Hi again,
Ye that seems correct, i downloaded the image from here and it uploaded with correct size as you said.
I have uploaded the file on wetransfer and tested it after download, this one should give you the resize-problem.

When an image is uploaded into Litium it passes through a service that extracts metadata about the image and uses it to set sizes and other properties of the image.

The sample has this data:

Image Width                     : 1984
Image Height                    : 1984
Exif Image Width                : 5616
Exif Image Height               : 3744

In your version of Litium, the metadata tags to fetch this information is in this order (using height as an example): Exif Image Height, Image Height and lastly Height. As soon as a value is found it is used, which explains why you’re getting the wrong result.

This order was changed in 6.2.2 as part of this bug, so that Image Height is used before Exif Image Height.

So the customer can either upgrade their solution (always recommended) or investigate what options are available in the photo editing software to remedy this after cropping the image. Scrubbing the Exif data would also work, but introduces an extra step.

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