Klarna checkout v3 autofill address problem

I’m trying to get the Klarna checkout v3 running correctly, but I’m having some problems where the address isn’t filled in correctly in Klarna checkout from the Litium Person.

If I create a new user, go to MyPages, fill in the address, logout, login, shop, go to checkout: Everything works fine, name and address are correctly filled into Klarna checkout.

However, if I create a new user, go to MyPages, fill in the address, shop without logging out, go to checkout: Only name, phone number and email will be filled in, address will be blank in Klarna checkout.

If I modify the address in mypages, this change will also not be visible in the Klarna checkout until logout/login.

I was using a quite old version of Klarna checkout, but I tried updating it to the latest version, and the same problem exist here too.

Is there something I have to call when I update the profile, such as PersistForReal or UpdateAllPersonCaches or something similar?
Or how can I fix it?


Litium version: 6.11

The order carrier has to be updated as well, after the customer has updated the information.

var adressCarrier = new AddressCarrier { 
	// set properties with new parameters

// Update customer info and delivery for order carrier
ModuleECommerce.Instance.CheckoutFlow.AddOrEditCustomerInfo(CurrentState.Current.ShoppingCart.OrderCarrier, addressCarrier, CurrentState.Current.Token);
CurrentState.Current.ShoppingCart.OrderCarrier.Deliveries.FirstOrDefault().Address = addressCarrier;