Klarna error total_tax_amount


We get an error for Klarna Checkout V3, The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.
Logs shows us that Klarna response is “Bad value: total_tax_amount”

Klarna API error messages:
“error_code”: “BAD_VALUE”,
“error_messages”: [
“Bad value: total_tax_amount”
“correlation_id”: “f3700ba2-2447-4493-b12f-759007dd422d”

I suspect this is because we send 24,99 as tax rate instead of 25,00, this means total_tax_amount doesn’t match with tax rate. Price without VAT for product below is 995.

“order_lines”: [
“type”: “physical”,
“reference”: “CN-64118”,
“name”: “xxxxx”,
“quantity”: 1,
“quantity_unit”: “nos”,
“unit_price”: 124375,
“tax_rate”: 2499,
“total_amount”: 124375,
“total_discount_amount”: 0,
“total_tax_amount”: 24875

If I check VAT amount in backoffice it looks like it is 25 but for some reason we send 2499 to Klarna, see image for price list and log for this product. For another product we send 2500 to Klarna, then it works.

Klarna Checkout: 4.7.102
Litium version: 5.6.6

Please, update Klarna package to latest version. The latest version of Klarna have some changes regarding how VAT is calculated.

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