L8 Accelerator installation issue

Hi! I’m trying to install Litium 8 Accelerator.
Following the installation instructions, I’m getting stuck immediately when installing the template package.
dotnet new - -install "Litium.Accelerator.Templates::8.0.0-*"
Nothing happens, running the command above. It just lists my installed templates (and the accelerator is not listed)

Any ideas?

Litium version: 8.0.0

Do you have Litium’s nuget feed installed, whats the result from dotnet nuget list source-command? Remember to obfuscate private information in the result.

I had similar problem installing this on mac few month ago and it was because I had no credentials there for Litium Nuget Feed.

Yeah, it’s there. Running an update-package -reinstall on a plain L7 Accelerator works just fine

@steve.redstorm Ok! How can I find if I have the same problem?

Check your nuget.config file, location:


<add key=“Litium” value=“https://nuget.litium.com/nuget/” />

<add key=“Username” value=“MyUserName” />
<add key=“ClearTextPassword” value=“MyPassword” />

Thanks. This was actually missing but adding them didn’t help.

You get no error logs at all?

No, not in the console anyhow.

Please try dotnet new --install "Litium.Accelerator.Templates"

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