Problems installing/running 8.2

Has anyone managed to run Litium 8.2 yet?

We had no problems with 8.1.4, but cannot build the frontend at all using 8.2. Anyone who tries gets:

error An unexpected error occurred: “expected hoisted manifest for “litium-ui#ngx-build-plus#@angular-devkit/build-angular#webpack-dev-server#schema-utils””.

Completely fresh project, have not even taken the plastic off.

By “hacking” packages.json and changing

"devDependencies": {
  "litium-ui": ""


"devDependencies": {
  "litium-ui": ""

Everything works… not that i would want to run it this way… it was just a test to see if there was somethign wrong with the litium-ui 8.2.0 package…

Could you report a bug on this please.

I created a support ticket, but you want it as a bug as well?

If this happens on a brand new installation then it is a bug since it seems nuget package version for the litium-ui is not updated.

Ok, i’ll report it

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