Litium nuget protocol version (Issues when integrating CI)


During our setup with Appveyor (CI) we noticed that Litium probably runs on older Nuget protocol 2 instead of latest 3.

This is mostly not an issue since it seems that Visual Studio works out of the box. But for Appveyor after few tries we had to manually define Nuget.Config with;

<add key="Litium" value="" protocolVersion="2" />

Otherwise it would just time out/and not find the packages it was looking for.
Adding this here for documentation reasons to help others but also maybe you guys at Litium could look into this.

Litium version: 7.2.3

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What is the version of nuget client that Appveyor is using?

The nuget server that we using is only supporting protocol version 2 and we will look into updating this to something that supporting protocol version 3 (we don’t have a date when it will be ready).

Hm took a bit to find the term but we are using Windows, VS2019 enviroment so =
NuGet 5.1.0 acording to their tables.

More info about their build enviroments:

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