Litium 7.3.0 Upgrade issues

We have upgraded to Litium 7.3.0 and everything is working fine except an issue in backoffice.

Steps to Reproduce.

  1. Go to " Webbplatser"
  2. Select a page on a website
  3. Change channel from the top dropdown
  4. Now functionality like loading settings, product search, sales search will not work

Console is showing the below error message(Got for product search)

litium-element.js:1471 ERROR Error: JSON content could not be parsed
at JSON.parseWithDate (vendor-bundle.min.js:1)
at litium-element.js:1
at Array.forEach ()
at new e (litium-element.js:1)
at factory (litium-element.js:1)
at litium-element.js:1646
at Zg (litium-element.js:1646)
at Qg (litium-element.js:1646)
at e.get (litium-element.js:1661)
at e.ngDoBootstrap (litium-element.js:9)
at e._moduleDoBootstrap (litium-element.js:1543)
at litium-element.js:1543
at e.invoke (litium-element.js:2263)
at Object.onInvoke (litium-element.js:1529)
at e.invoke (litium-element.js:2263)
at (litium-element.js:2263)
at litium-element.js:2263
at e.invokeTask (litium-element.js:2263)
at Object.onInvokeTask (litium-element.js:1529)
at e.invokeTask (litium-element.js:2263)
at t.runTask (litium-element.js:2263)
at g (litium-element.js:2263)
at t.invokeTask [as invoke] (litium-element.js:2263)
at _ (litium-element.js:2294)
at XMLHttpRequest.y (litium-element.js:2294)


Litium version: 7.3.0

I have the same issue, but only sometimes. For some reasons the backoffice stoppes working, doesn’t matter which section I am in. - Same javascript issue.

I’m also facing the same javascript issue. BO UI will breaks and not working as expected

Can you open the DevTools on Chrome, navigate to Application tab, inspect the value previewingChannel under Session Storage? I suspect the value contains some invalid date string.

And maybe localStorage too

Session storage

Session storage will be empty after js error

  1. active: true
  2. channelSystemId: “0ee493c3-689a-48a6-b527-57d5d3652762”
  3. endDate: null
  4. language: null
  5. name: “FI”
  6. startDate: null

This is mine. But I don’t think this is just an invalid date issue.
I’m getting below error when I tried to websites page on backoffice
ERROR SyntaxError: Unexpected token d in JSON at position 1
at JSON.parse ()
at app.js?v=43…:1
at Array.forEach ()
at new e (app.js?v=43…:1)
at factory (app.js?v=43…:1)
at harmony-module.js:23
at $A (harmony-module.js:23)
at XA (harmony-module.js:23)
at e.get (harmony-module.js:23)
at Hv (harmony-module.js:23)

There are two things happen there, using JSON.parse. One does the parse for localStorage and one for sessionStorage. Your localStorage looks normal. Do you see any weird thing in sessionStorage?

Local storage

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hej fellows,

we have confirmed bug. please follow to see in what cases bug will be present and also in which version it will be fixed

This issue should be fixed in the 7.3.1 pre-release that just was released, please try to install the xxx

You can run the following in package manager console to automatic update all packages to the specified version

Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock ([scriptblock]::Create($(irm ''))) -ArgumentList "7.3.1-patch-1911150957"

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