Lock creation failed in Adyen addon

Occasionally getting below exception in log. Looks like the Adyen addon is trying to create a file with a file name including colon (:).

System.Exception at Litium.AddOns.Adyen.DistributedLock.TakeLock

Litium.AddOns.Adyen, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=316feae0744d7bfc

Method: Litium.AddOns.Adyen.DistributedLock.TakeLock

operation_Name POST /PaymentProviderResult.axd/Report/Adyen

Taking distributed lock timesout, was waiting 12750 miliseconds to take the lock!; Lock could not be taken due to: lock file \xxxx\File\xxxx\MediaArchive\DistributedSyncLocks\2019-06-19 11:15:52.lock creation failed: The given path’s format is not supported.

Litium.AddOns.Adyen, Version=
Litium version: 7.2.2

The file location seems strange, Adyen addOn is using the CommonFilesDirectory\DistributedSyncLocks folder. Is your CommonFilesDirectory setting in webconfig has MediaArchive in it?

Yes, I agree it’s a bit confusing. Our CommonFilesDirectory setting is “\xxxx\File\xxxx\MediaArchive”.

…but to me it seems like the file name ‘2019-06-19 11:15:52.lock’ is causing the error

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