Problem with adyen capture (HTTP Exception)

We have upgraded to the latest version of adyen addon for litium and setup a test environment but have problem triggering capture from litium.

There is no problem creating payments and it looks like sync works since payment are updated in litium if captured in adyen.

Capture mode i set to manual i adyen
Server communication setting are setup , activated and tested in adyen

When i try to capture payment in Litium we get payment status Capture failed and HTTP Exception is added to payment transaction message list.

I have enabled logging but there isn’t any error logged that i can connect to capture of payment that i can make anything of.

Anyone that have ad the same problem? is it not possible to capture in test or some setting i perhaps have forgotten or missed?

2020-12-14 23:46:37.2030 [App:114] [0719735e-8c8d-4ee6-bdad-2b05c90f80b5] [INFO ] [] Adyen Trace: Adyen Capture request: - 883607985816412A

  "modificationAmount": {
"currency": "DKK",
"value": 120000
  "reference": "LS800207",
  "originalReference": "883607985816412A",
  "merchantAccount": "Denmark",
  "applicationInfo": {
"adyenLibrary": {
  "name": "adyen-dotnet-api-library",
  "version": "5.3.0"
2020-12-14 23:46:37.3593 [App:114] [0719735e-8c8d-4ee6-bdad-2b05c90f80b5] [ERROR] [] Payment completion failed for order LS800207 - 12/14/2020 23:46:37 Adyen: Capture failed. HTTP Exception Litium.Foundation.Modules.ECommerce.Plugins.Payments.PaymentProviderException: 12/14/2020 23:46:37 Adyen: Capture failed. HTTP Exception
   at Litium.AddOns.Adyen.AdyenProvider.CompletePayment(CompletePaymentArgs args, SecurityToken token)
   at Litium.Studio.Accelerator.Utilities.OrderUtilities.CompletePayments(Order order, SecurityToken token)

Litium version: 5.6.9

This issue was not reproduceable when our people tested, the cause can be network issue. This exception is thrown by Adyen Sdk if WebException appears when sdk tries to make a request to Adyen server.

This error was due to that the latest version of the adyen plugin always tries to use api-key even if empty so our username and password we had configured wasn’t used.

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