Many domain names/channels sharing one checkout page/url


Is it possible to have several domain names share the same checkout page url? If so how can I set it up in Litium? I have tried adding a new url to a channel, but the content of the cart seems to be locked to the url. And that url can then not be added to any more channels of course.

I guess I could build something that adds the product from one site to the cart on the checkout site, but is it possible to solve in a easier and/or better way?

The reason this is wanted is because the Litium installation includes a lot of websites(domain names) and it would simplify the administration in Klarna if the checkout pages could be grouped so fewer merchant ids can be used

Litium version: 7.4

If your websites lives on different domains, you browser won’t share the cookie between them.

It is technically possible to share cookies between sub-domains but Litium doesn’t do this (for good reasons).

Yeah, Good point. I had not thought this through :slight_smile:

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