Many request when moving blocks on startpage

Hi, if i move a alredy existing block the startpage this is the result: 6k - 20k + requests. also its pretty slow, is this normal?

Litium version: 7.4

Are you using browser side rendering of the thumbnails? Then the browser is requesting the assets repeatedly to create the image and then upload it to Litium.

Can you switch to use server side rendering instead?

We do have
<nodeServices generateThumbnailsAtServerSide="true" invocationTimeoutMilliseconds="60000" />
And it normaly do use SS for first generation atleast.

That’s strange, you should see a request to getThumbnails that will trigger capturing new thumbnails server side. Can you check that there are no Node related errors on application startup? That would disable this setting, even if set to true in Web.config.

Oki we dont see this behavior on beta only in production, will look for startup errors

“Error when executing ‘npm install’ for Administration NodeServices: ‘npm’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.”

@NilsN Could the production server be missconfigured ?

Failed to deploy NodeServices resource and executing npm install. To resolve this:.
[1] Ensure that Node.js is installed and Node and Npm can be found in one of the PATH directories.
[2] Ensure App pool is running under an account that has write permission to D:\SysWeb\NordicFeel-Prod\Files\NodeServices.

Looks like Node isn’t installed on the server, please contact Support and they will sort it out.

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