Missing countries in list under addresses

The default list of countries in the addresses panel of the Customers module is missing some countries (e.g. Cyprus). Where does this list come from and is it possible to add to this list from code?

Litium version: 6.3.1

The list is populated form all the CultureInfo´s that exists on the computer that Litium is running on.

Ok, so if we want to be able to handle customers that live in a country that doesn’t have a cultureInfo (like Cyprus) is it possible to intercept that list and add to it?

Not sure what environment that you are running on, but when I test on our demo-site I have Cyprus in the list.

What is the operating system that you are running on?

You can also try to update the .net-framework version you are using.

I can see that the Litium 6 is using 4.6.1 and Litium 7 is using 4.7.2 and if I remember correctly the .Net Framework have different sources from where the culture info is fetched.

Litium 6.3.1 on a Litium Drift medium server running Windows Server 2016

Have you try to change the .net framework version so you use a newer version?

I will look into that. It is quite a large project with a ton of integrations so it will take a little time to set everything up.

I think you only need to change the target framework version in the web-project to be able to see any difference.