Missing fields on excel export

We’re having some issues with the excel export where some fields are missing on the product to export. The fields exist on the field template (with no name) but not under product > fields in settings.

Can’t really re-generate the fields as they cannot be removed. Tried to remove them from the field template but they get added again.

Do I need to delete the field templates?

Litium version: 7.6.1

It does not exist anything in Litium that automatic create fields, in all similar cases the project have added code to automatic create fields when Litium is starting.

Check the DefinitionSetup in the accelerator code to see if that can be the one that are creating the fields.

I mean we have created the fields some while ago, but they don’t seem to have been generated correctly

Sounds like you’re updating the field template from code referencing a field that doesn’t exist. Are the missing fields referenced in ProductsFieldTemplateSetup?

Yes, but the field definition for the fields exists and they are referenced in the product field templates. In multiple templates.

In the default Accelerator fields are only created from code once, there’s a check IsAlreadyExecuted that prevents fields from being created multiple times. Maybe the field was removed after it was initially created?

You can delete the key from the Common.Setting table (looks like this acceleratorbuilder:litium.fieldframework.fielddefinition:productarea:weight for example) or disable the check mentioned above. This would allow the field to be created again from code.

Yes, it is that check is already commented, but I will try to delete the key maybe

Same issue.

The fields exist in code but are then somehow only generated/added to the template as empty fields

I think you should create a support ticket at support@litium.se so we can investigate in detail.

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Turns out the fields where hidden. The code was probably changed at a point in time, and didn’t update the hidden property for the fields. :frowning:

Updated the hidden fields in the database (table: FieldFramework.FieldDefinition) and rebuilt the project

Thanks to Nils for the help

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