Move a media root folder


When I try to move a root folder in the Media section I get an error “The root folder could not be moved.”.
The customer has created a lot of folders in the root and need to move them now. What am I doing wrong?

Litium version: 7,4

Root folder movement is not allowed. You can move one by one folder from root folder or create a sql script for changing ParentFolderSystemId.

Thank’s for the quick answer.

That’s a strange constraint.
I don’t understand, you say it is not allowed then you say that I can move them one by one? I can’t move them one by one without getting the same error.

I meant Root folder itself you can not move around, why that restriction I am not sure. But folders inside should be movable as I got information. However try with the scripts then but make sure to be able to redo if it causes issues and restart the site after.

The reason why moving root folders is not allowed is, once you have moved a root folder to another one, you will not be able to move it back to be a root folder. The validation is done at the UI layer. It should be possible to change its parent folder Id by using FolderService.

Ok thank you for the explanation. It would be a much better user experience if there is one root-folder there by default with no siblings allowed.
I guess the customer will have to delete the folders to solve this if they don’t want to spend money. :slight_smile:

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