Is media mapper mapping from all folders?

So we have this structure in the media area.

And Litium.AddOns.ProductMediaMapper.dll.config have this config

But if i upload a picture with matching Article Number to “NonWaterMarkedImages” it will be mapped and put in “ProductImagesUpload”.

Is this ment to be? If so, why isen’t it just mappin files in “ProductImagesUpload”?
And is there anything I can do to prevent mapping from a specific folder?

Litium version: 7.7.1

The folder is for where the images should be moved, not from which folder it should look.

mediaarchiverootfolder : Defines the root folder of where folders will be created, to which the files that are mapped will be moved. The default folder is ArticleFiles .

The addon looks at any file created, so it’s not possible to exclude folders like that.

So it’s not possible to have a folder anywhere with pictures with matching article number without them beeing moved and mapped?

Correct. The addon subscribes to FileCreated and queues the file for processing.

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Okey, thanks. The customer could live with adding a postfix to prevent mapping.

I created an Idea for this Product media mapper should have a setting to prevent mapping | Ideas


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