Media mapper import in integration not categorizing

We recently added the Product Media Mapper module to the project and it works fine for the back-office; images are mapped as expected. However the integration does not. The images are being imported but end up in the Import folder and stays there.

Nothing in the logs about trying to map either, so I’m not sure the mapping part is actually recognizing the imports.

Are there any additional settings we need to fiddle with in order for everything to work, or am I missing something more obvious?

Litium version: 7.1, Media Mapper v7

Product Media Mapper does not collabrate with Integration kit so importing images with integration will not use Product Media Mapper.

It’s depend. The media mapper is mapping already existing products (base product or variants) to the media that is created. If the media is created before the products the mapping will not be triggered. If the media is imported after the product is created it should work on the same way as you upload the media in back office.

So assuming pre-existing products, the media mapper should be sorting through the images that gets imported into “Imports”, would that be the correct assumption?

In my case it does not, even though it sorts manually uploaded images. How do I fix this?

Yes, it should.

When you importing, do you get anything logging in the file-log (that should be set to log at trace level in nlog.config)?

It was another thread that says that the media mapper not is replacing images, can this be the case for you also?

I don’t think this is related to the issue described in the other thread. I can delete the files and upload them again just fine. I have not tried to replace them, since the basic import isn’t working properly.

Looking at the log (set to trace) and nothing seems to happen when the integration job imports the file.

When importing manually thing do happen, so the actual media mapper is working, but it is not triggered by media files in the Import folder.

And perhaps to clarify even further, this is with the integration kit running as a service on the same machine as the site.

The imported images show up just fine, not just as broken links. It seems to me to be a case of a missing trigger for the mapper to, well, map the images.

If I can be of any help with regards to bug hunting or follow up questions just let me know.

It is more missing functionality rather than a bug, Media Mapper is source code so maybe you can add that missing functionality.

Is media mapper source code? I thought it was installed via nuget as a add-on.

Yes you are right it seems we have changed that to Nuget so it is not available as source code any more :slight_smile:

Do you have service bus configured and the commonFIlesDirectory in web.config/app.config pointing to the same location?

Is also the media mapper with the configuration in the windows service? Event is only triggered on the local application.

filesDirectory and commonFilesDirectory are identical and nuget packages are installed in both projects.

So even if we have the service on the same machine we still need Azure ServiceBus? Any way of avoiding even more dependencies?

If you having different application (running instances of litium) they need to be connected with a service bus to be able to communicate to each other.

Files-directory should be unique per applications, otherwise you will get locks in the search index folders.

To avoid that dependency is to run the integrations job in the IIS application process (adding a reference to the integration project from the web-project and adding the tasks from integration app.config into the web-projects web.config).