Media mapper behavior

I’ve noticed that the number of files started to increase and looked into the media mapper behavior and saw this.

  1. Add a image that gets mapped to an article. The file is moved and it looks fine.
  2. Add a new image with the same articlenumber again.
  3. The second file is moved to the folder that are configured in the media mapper. But only the latest are used. But both files are still stored.

Bug or expected behavior? I thought that the file was supposed to be replaced.

Add-On: Media-Mapper
Litium version: 7.1

As I remember MediaMapper does not suppose to delete any file if you add with same Id.
So it is expected behaviour.

As I heard now it might be a bug, it suppose to replace the file.
You can report a bug on this om docs please.

A bug has been reported,

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