Media mapper behavior when same id on baseproduct and variant

I have the media mapper installed and it’s working fine. But I’ve noticed that when I’m having a baseproduct and variant set up with the same articlenumber only the baseproduct gets mapped to the image. Bug or expected behavior?

Litium version: 7.0.2

You should not be able to have the same article number for the base product and the variant so the question is how you was able to get that?

Oh, I didn’t know that there was a limitation on that. I am creating articles through a integration. Maybe that’s why it’s possible? The articles are created with the BatchData.Create

The API should not allow to create variant with the same id as the base product (and the same in the other direction).

Please, can you create a bug with replication steps on our docs-site, thanks.

I have created a bug #44872 for this

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