Name and description for blockfields

Is there any way of setting the name and description for fields and field templates in blocks that is created via code?


Litium version: [7.0.0-beta]

Can’t you do it with myTemplate.Localization[culture].Name?

Where do I do that? I can’t see any properties for “name” in BlockFieldTemplate.

Try these:
var name = myTemplate.Localization[culture].Name
var description = template.Fields.GetValue("_description", currentCulture)
Add type after GetValue (does not show here because of the characters).

The accelerator for Litium 7 is reading the name and description translation from the resource files, see the SystemLocalizationHelperService for the implementation. To add translations for other cultures you will add them in a resource file for the culture, see

Okey thanks for the info!