Translate field _name

Where and how do i translate the field _name?

We have a site for Norway. And the editor wants to use the product import/export on Norwegian. To do that we have to translate _name to Norwegian.

Is that possible? Db or something

Litium version: 7.6

You could add it to the Norwegian resource file (Administration.nb-no.resx):

<data name="" xml:space="preserve">

Would that work for a already defined field?

By default the values are only read when creating the field, you can see that in the Accelerators DefinitionSetup.InitFields() and the call to FieldFrameworkSetupLocalizationService.Localize(). If the field is defined in code, you could alter the setup class so that it updates already existing field definitions, instead of skipping them.

System fields works a little differently and the value is read once per restart.

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