order.SetValuesFromCarrier shows error in Log

I created a scheduled task to remove personal info from the order, using below code

foreach (var order in orders)
var orderCarrier = order.GetAsCarrier(false, true, false, false, false, true);


order.SetValuesFromCarrier(orderCarrier, ModuleECommerce.Instance.AdminToken);

  public static void ClearPersonalData(this AddressCarrier addressCarrier)
if (addressCarrier == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("addressCarrier");

var emptyAddress = new AddressCarrier
	FirstName = string.Empty,
	LastName = string.Empty,
	Address1 = string.Empty,
	Address2 = string.Empty,
	Zip = addressCarrier.Zip,
	City = addressCarrier.City,
	Country = addressCarrier.Country

addressCarrier.SetValues(emptyAddress, addressCarrier.ID);

This code is working as expected - it clearing user information form the order. But in the log it showing exceptions as below

I think this is a bug in the platform, I can reproduce the same error if I create and edit an order directly from back office. Could you report it on Docs?

It seems like the db trigger for when an address is updated joins a bit too freely, so we end up with NULL as order id in the event table. Then when the event is processed it throws the exception.

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