Partial delivery - free shipping

We have a problem with some orders with partial deliveries.

Here is an example:
We can see that the order total is 94,28 and shipping fee incl vat is 0.

Here are the ordered objects:

Then a partial delivery is made and the following objects are delivered in LSD862361_PART_1, but here we see that Litium has charged the customer with a delivery fee 4,78EUR which is not correct since the shipping fee for the order is 0EUR.

But it also creates the following delivery for the remaining objects but I don’t really can figure out why there is a negative delivery fee on it:

And here we can see that in the first (delivered part) payment the customer has been charged 4,78EUR more than what he/she should been charged for.
94,28 (total order amount) - 17,96 (not delivered article) = 76,32EUR. But customer is charged with 81,10EUR which is total (94,28) - not delivered article (17,96) + delivery fee (4,78).

So the question is, is this a bug? Is there some calculation that I am missing?

Litium version: [7.4.2]
Litium Connect ERP version: [1.0]

This might be a bug, we’ll check and get back to you.

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Our guys could not reproduce this issue in 7.4.2 nor the latest version either.
Question is if you have implemented something wrong?

I would bet there are bugs in the Connect ERP API 1.0. We used the 2.0 version in 7.6.1 but had to upgrade because of bugs regarding part deliveries and payment that were fixed in Litium 7.6.2.

is the shippingfeed always zero or how do you calculate the shipping fee? The connect ERP API should just divide the shipping fee on the order based on part delivery order value but i know there are changes make for this calculations in 7.6.2 since we had issues with rounding and klarna that has been fixed.

Other part deliveries and orders that has shipping fee > 0 is calculated and handled correctly so the problem occures only when the shipping fee is 0.
The shiiping fee calculation is using the standard calculator and in these cases the shipping fee is set to 0 by the campaign engine since the user has got some campaign (vouucher code, orderValue > X etc).

It seems like the ERP connect recalculates the delivery fee instead of just get data from the origin order. And it seems like it doesn’t take the campaign data into consideration in the calculation.

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You did not mention the campaign earlier, we will double check the scenario with shipping fee set to 0 by campaign to see the outcome.

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Hi Aram, we could now reproduce this and you are right when the shipping fee is set to 0 by a campaign then it becomes incorrect. Can you report a bug on this please?

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Bug reported on this by Aram: