Pointer does not save channelSystemId

I have a problem that the channelSystemId does not get set when I save a Pointer to the order confirmation. Using the accelerator. Only the entitySystemId is saved in the database. Has anyone else seen this?

{"$type":"Litium.FieldFramework.FieldTypes.PointerPageItem, Litium.Abstractions","entitySystemId":"b3e6226f-8050-404e-a000-15a11e19e9c3"}

Now I saw the bug #44289 that seems to explain this error.

Litium version: 7.1

It is a new feature in 7.1: https://docs.litium.com/documentation/whats-new/whats-new-71

The Select Page dialog has been improved to allow us to be able to select only a page, then at the runtime, the Channel Id of the website will be used to figure out the correct page. This to solve the issue where you want to point out just a page, then depending on what language the visitor is suffering on, the page with the correct language will be populated.

If you want to store the Channel Id together with the Page Id, you can click to the hyperlink on the left bottom, which labeled “All Channels” to switch to the other mode.

Ok, I see. Tried that but having problem displaying the threeview when I’m clicking the “All Channels” hyperlink. Getting a exception saying ‘Sequence contains no element’. Am I missing something important that needs to be configured in 7.1?

`System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements
at System.Linq.Enumerable.First[TSource](IEnumerable 1 source)
at Litium.Web.Administration.WebApi.Websites.Controllers.PagePointerController.GetPageModelList(PageSelectionType selectionType, Guid websiteId, Guid pageId, Guid channelId)
at Litium.Web.Administration.WebApi.Websites.Controllers.PagePointerController.Treeview(String 
systemId, PageSelectionType selectionType)`

Sounds like a bug, please report one.

But in the meantime, could you check and make sure all channels have domain name?

I had one channel without the domain configured, when I entered a domain it worked as expected.