Missing channelId when creating order in BO


I have an issue when creating an order in BO
When the order triggers and is about to send the email it crashes because the channelId is not configured for the order when creating the email template.

Looking at the order, the channelId seems to be missing.

While creating the order in BO there seems there is no way to set the channelId?

Do we need to add some logic for this or maybe I’m missing some configuration when creating the order?

Litium version: 7.6.1
Thanks in advance

I think this is a forgotten section when we went from website to channel. It should be a channel since website can be connected to multiple channels. I will check with Product team and let you know.

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Yeah i had my suspicions it could be something of a leftover from older Litium versions, do check.
I think we can do workaround using user information when creating the order if there is no out of the box fix for this. Just want to be sure before we start something =)

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So after discussion with Product this is a sort of “unimplemented feature/bug” :smile:
The whole Sales module is getting replaced in L8.
The recommendation for creating orders is to use Accelerator or through code for ERP systems.
Since this functionality almost is not used by anyone there have not been any effort to fix this so in your case maybe you can manage with the workaround that you have.

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Hi thanks for the reply. Then we know and we will see if we can do some workaround for this.
Shouldn’t be too complicated. =)

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