Problem with new Nets add-on

We’re using the new Nets payment add-on for one of our customers. During the summer there has been three cases where the payment has been successfully created, but no order is created in Litium. According to one of the customers that got this problem, he was directly redirected to start page after payment (not order confirmation). No error message was displayed.

We have checked logs and can’t find anything.

Someone else using the new Nets add-on? Any clue about what might be the issue?

There are a new version coming this week and lot of bugs is fixed in it so just upgrade.

Thanks for info. Do you know if it will be available this week for download?

Yes I send a reminder for Product team to take a look and release, it was not released because of vacations. Problem with your case is some issue with backup check when something on OrderConfirmations from Nets to Litium goes wrong then the background call fails to create the order but it is fixed now in the upcoming version

The new version is now available.

We did the upgrade last week, but we have received payment without order again. So the upgrade doesn’t seem to solve the problem. We don’t see any error in logs. We upgraded everything in the connector except class DeliverystateBuilder, because we’re running an older version of Litium that was required for the plugin. Might that be the issue? Any other idea? Can we verify the order confirmations from Nets in some way if they where successful?

What Litium version are you running on?

They are running Litium 7.2.3.

So if you do not have any error logs that means the confirmation call was never received by Litium.
In that case the Payment-Completed webhook should kick in and Litium ought to create the order with a background job.
If that did not happen then it means the webhooks are not working.
Do you have SSL certificate on the server? and are the webhooks working?

Not all orders are failing. Just some of them. So the webhook must work some times at least.

The ones not failing is because the OrderConfirmation call is working as expected and no need of a webhook to create an Litium order.
Check in logs if any webhooks are registered first, e.g “payment.created”

For one failing order today, we see the following webhook logs:

payment created

These are the webhooks we have configured:

// Comment out the WebHooks that you don’t need
notification.Webhooks.Add(CreateWebHooksNotification(webHooktoken, paymentCreatedUrl, WebHookEvents.PaymentCreated));
notification.Webhooks.Add(CreateWebHooksNotification(webHooktoken, paymentCheckoutCompletedUrl, WebHookEvents.PaymentCheckoutCompleted));

// Reservation
notification.Webhooks.Add(CreateWebHooksNotification(webHooktoken, paymentReservationCreatedUrl, WebHookEvents.PaymentReservationCreated));
notification.Webhooks.Add(CreateWebHooksNotification(webHooktoken, paymentReservationCreatedV2Url, WebHookEvents.PaymentReservationCreatedV2));

// Charge
notification.Webhooks.Add(CreateWebHooksNotification(webHooktoken, paymentChargeCreatedUrl, WebHookEvents.PaymentChargeCreated));
notification.Webhooks.Add(CreateWebHooksNotification(webHooktoken, paymentChargeCreatedV2Url, WebHookEvents.PaymentChargeCreatedV2));
notification.Webhooks.Add(CreateWebHooksNotification(webHooktoken, paymentChargeFailedUrl, WebHookEvents.PaymentChargeFailed));

notification.Webhooks.Add(CreateWebHooksNotification(webHooktoken, paymentRefundInitiatedUrl, WebHookEvents.PaymentRefundInitiated));
notification.Webhooks.Add(CreateWebHooksNotification(webHooktoken, paymentRefundInitiatedV2Url, WebHookEvents.PaymentRefundInitiatedV2));
notification.Webhooks.Add(CreateWebHooksNotification(webHooktoken, paymentRefundCompletedUrl, WebHookEvents.PaymentRefundCompleted));
notification.Webhooks.Add(CreateWebHooksNotification(webHooktoken, paymentRefundFailedUrl, WebHookEvents.PaymentRefundFailed));

// Cancel
notification.Webhooks.Add(CreateWebHooksNotification(webHooktoken, paymentCancelCreatedUrl, WebHookEvents.PaymentCancelCreated));
notification.Webhooks.Add(CreateWebHooksNotification(webHooktoken, paymentCancelFailedUrl, WebHookEvents.PaymentCancelFailed));

Ok so webhooks are working at least and no error logs…
And you have added the scheduled jobs in web.config?
How does Files/EasyCheckout/WebhookTasks look any files in it and any file with the same PaymentId that order is missing for in it?

We found the files, but the scheduled job was missing in web.config. That must have disappeared in some deploy. We’re putting it back and hopes in solves the problem. Thanks a lot for your help.

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Also did you download the new Accelerator Files from Docs and swapped them or alternative change the modified code?

We’re again getting this problem.Now it seems to be related to Vipps payment only. Other orders and payments are working. We also see that the scheduled program is running, but doesn’t seems to pick up these payments and create order.

We had two successful Vipps payments end of last week for example, so it only happens sometimes. Is it possible to get a short call with someone at your end regarding this and try to sort it out?

You can contact me by mail.

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