Nets Easy order not charged from Litium

What can casuse this behaviour? (Only 1 order of many)
It is in prod, We change delivery to “Delivered”.
Litium tries to charge, gets stuck in InitiatedCompleteTransaction.
Then we have to charge in Nets.

2021-11-03 16:07:11 - Execute Charge initiated.
11/4/2021 8:48:57 AM - Payment status not synchronizable, change it from Nets portal!.

What causes the order to not be chargeble from Litium? But no problem charging in Nets

Litium version: 7.7.1
Nets version: 6.3.103-pre01

The payment staus must be ExecuteReserve otherwise it does not handle it.

else if (summary.ReservedAmount != 0)
        if (PaymentInfo.PaymentStatus == PaymentStatus.ExecuteReserve )
                  PaymentInfo.SetPaymentStatus((short)PaymentStatus.Reserved, token);
                  _netsCheckoutService.AppendExternalMessageOnPayment(PaymentInfo, "Synchronizing Payment Reserved");
        _netsCheckoutService.AppendExternalMessageOnPayment(PaymentInfo, "Payment status not synchronizable, change it from Nets portal!");

You need to Charge it before setting to Delivered.

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