When does a Order becomes "Paid" with Nets Easy?

All my orders get reserved(2) then ExecuteCharge(3) and then they stop.

Everything look Ok in Nets backoffice. From what i found from decompiling the only place Paid(5) is beeing set is in SyncPaymentStatusWithProvider.

When is the order supposed to be paid?

If i compare it to the PayPal addon, the payment status is set to Paid(5) in “CompletePayment”

Litium version: 7.7.1

When you run the Charge button in BO or Nets Portal then the payment is set to Paid.
The idea is when you deliver the package then you will charge the payment on customer.

But the accelerator code “CompletePayments” in OrderUtilities.cs is supposed to do that in the code.
Thats how it works on all(all i have tried) other payment addons.

Not sure on that method since I have not tried that but this is a new API and if you want to execute charge with code then you need to call

ChargePayment method



Yes, ChargePayment in NetsCheckoutService.cs is beeing called, by hidden litium code: CompletePayment in NetsProvider.cs.

And that is beeing called by CompletePayments in OrderUtilities.cs.

So i guess this is a bug, because NetsEasys ChargePayment only sets ExecuteCharge and not Paid

This is from our test env BO Charge click just some moments ago:

Transaction message: 8/25/2021 4:04:15 PM - : Reserve succeeded. .
8/25/2021 4:04:40 PM - Execute Charge initiated.
8/25/2021 4:04:40 PM - Charge succeeded, Paymenttype: CARD, PaymentMethod: MasterCard.

The payment shows as Paid then in BO.

If any errors then you should get error logs.

Check your webhooks I guess they are not working.
Are you running locally or on the server?

Okey, so the payment can only be set to paid with a web hook or syncing?

I’m on a server, but no valid https so i guess thats it…

Yes exactly, you need the certificate otherwise Nets will not send you any webhooks.

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New NetsEasy pre-release 6.3.102-pre-001 exists now in Litium Nuget. It resolves issues with deadlocks on async background works, please upgrade.