Problem with multifield

I’m having problem when I’m trying to add a value to a multi field. Has anyone seen this error when clicking add? It’s not occuring in the local environment. Thats why I’m a bit confused

Litium version: 7.1

What fields does your MultiField contain?

maybe similar issue to where there wher issues with the embedded resource Edit websitestrings in litium /

It was a field that was missing in the test-environment. My Bad.
The multifield contains an array of MediaPointerFile

But I’m still having problem with the multi field that when I’m adding a value and it’s not displayed in the BO. But the value gets saved and it’s possible to get the value from code. Is that a known bug?

It exists some reported bugs regarding multifield, can you see if any of reported bugs can match with your experience? Otherwise, please report another bug with replication steps that is working on default accelerator or Litium demo site to make solving of the bug as fast as possible.

Did replicate the bug on the demo site, created a multifield containing a array of mediaPointerFile. And the values are not displayed in the BO after save.
But did also see that bug #44951 is fixed in the latest patch and that the demo site is still on 7.1. So I will upgrade and see if it solves the problem. Otherwise I will report another one on this.

Edit: the problem with the values not displaying is not occuring after upgrading to [7.2.0-patch-1903151914]


Upgraded and unfortunately there is a new problem. Now then I’m adding a value to the multifield it throws an exception in the scripts. And I cant replicate this on the demo site since it’s still on 7.1. Any thoughts?

I guess it is only the error message in the console, the data can be saved when clicking Save button right? I will look up the bug list to see if we have this bug, but if my memory served me right, we have fixed this one and will soon release it.

Yes, it’s the only error message. I could not save the product after this error, got a 400 Bad request. But after a refresh it did work again to save even if the error occured… So if you don’t find anything I will have to look into how it behaves

@ton.nguyen any update on this?

I could not reproduce this issue so I think we have fixed it, hopefully we can soon release it so you can check it out.

I guess despite the console error, you can still save the data, so the issue is not critical to you isn’t it?

The error occurs every time, and sometimes it’s not possible to save the data and the server is responding with 400 (Bad request). But if I refresh the page I noticed that the product could be save with the new data. But as the error only is visible in the console, it’s not clear why the data is not saved.

Are you able to replicate this issue on a clean Accelerator

I will have a look at it.

@patric.forsgard I’m having trouble to install the accelerator and cant run the ReInstall command without errors. Do you know any workaround for this?

Update-Package : Unable to find a version of 'Litium.Setup.Complete' that is compatible with 'Litium.Web.Setup.Complete 7.2.0-patch-1903151914 constraint: Litium.Setup.Complete (>= 7.2.0-patch-1903151914)'

When it is a pre-release you need to add the _IncludePrerelease flag in the update command.

Update-Package -Reinstall -IncludePrerelease
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I have now tested and replicated the error on a fresh version of Accelerator 7.2.0-patch-1903151914. Should I register a new bug on this?

Please, register a new bug on the docs site and include the replication steps. If needed it is good if you can keep the code and files for the “fresh” versions with the error if we need and not can reproduce based on the steps.

#45379 is now submitted. The product version on the bug is wrong as the alternative 7.2.0-patch-1903151914 was not available.

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