Multifield not being updated


Im having 2 issues:

  1. This is a similar issue to this one: Setting the values of a Multifield item - #7 by magnus.bolling
    where my multifield doesn’t show up in backoffice but data is in database.

  2. when updating page, the multifield isn’t updated. This is the code im using:

var multiFieldList = new List<MultiFieldItem>();
var multiFieldItem = new MultiFieldItem();
   multiFieldItem.Fields.AddOrUpdateValue(firstTextFieldInMultified, "hello");
   multiFieldItem.Fields.AddOrUpdateValue(secondTextFieldInMultified, "world");
var pageClone = page.MakeWritableClone();
   pageClone.Fields.AddOrUpdateValue("multifieldItem", multiFieldList);

Litium version: 7.7.2

For the changes to be visible in BO you should update the DraftPage rather than the Page entity. You can update the draft page and then publish it to push the changes to the live version of the page.

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