Repeating product fields?

Hi is it possible to add a repeating field to a product? I want to have a field that is basically a string array in the product admin. Is this possible or do I need to make a js-gui and save all values separated in a normal textfield? Can I inject custom js on the product admin view?

Litium version: 6.2

Can’t you use a TextOption field for that purpose?

I can (This is when you add the field Options globally before adding a product right?) , but it will not be very user friendly for the marketing team and it will not have a lot of repeating values between products.

Is it possible to inject javascript in the admin so that I can use a MultiText field and just add some custom display logic?

Let me search Litium Docs for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, Am guessing it’s was all in good fun but I cant help to read your comment as "Pleas read the docs before asking q’s :slight_smile: " But you have to realize that the documentation is lacking to put it mildly?? Am vary new to Litium myself but every single developer I have spoken to agrees it’s just bad. So after countless failed tries one starts coming here directly because this forum is (in contrast) superb thanks to you guys. But I don’t not enjoy the peak :wink:


But did it solve your issue?

Its absolutely seam like one possible solution but am now opting for adding a custom panel and try to solve the problem with a few lines of js, so I don’t have to learn Angular fore just this task :slight_smile: But time will tell it might become custom field type in the end :slight_smile:

Let’s see what u can do then :wink:

Support for array fields will also come with Litium 7 if you are planning on upgrading the project.