Sales area missing in Litium 8 (Not Beta)

I am missing the sales area in Litium 8.
If i understood the documentation correct, that should be avalible now.

Edit: I’m on a system account, tested creating a group with full permissions, still nothing.

Litium version: 8

For the moment the sales are does not have any settings inside the back office.

So correct that the menu item not is there and it should not be either :slight_smile:

So we cant configure fields on the order yet?
And save cart/translations, stuff like that.
Am i missing it in the documentation?

Order will not have the field framework, add an idea on the idea portal so that can be prioritized if there exists a need. Until then you have the additional info on the order and on the order row itself and today it does not exists a way to configure so they will be visible in the back office ui.

Cart will always be stored with a reference to a cookie and depend on the cookie consent a long lived cookie will also be set. When using a headless client you should forward the cart context identifier with the request to the server and cookie should not be used.

Translations for the states are added into the website texts so everything related to the website is in one place.

Fees for deliveries and payments can be configured on the channel.

The default available delivery methods are set up via the config file for Direct Shipment: Direct shipment

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Okey, might be my fault and it has never been mentioned specificly. I might have assumed that with Litium 8, everything would be under the field framework like the other major updates added the entity to that.

Thanks for the info!

Aww… I was also hoping for field framework :disappointed_relieved: